Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Love and Sacrifice"

"Based on a book by Isidore Zolotarefsky, Love and Sacrifice is a prime example of shund—escapist melodrama born on the Yiddish stage. Shot over two days in a New York City loft on a miniscule budget, the film portrays a long-suffering middle-class matron who goes to prison for shooting the man who compromises her. Producer Joseph Seiden described it in his original advertising copy as follows: “You’ll see a tender yet mighty picture drama. Hot with a living breath of a story as old as the ages, new as tomorrow!” Love and Sacrifice was restored by The National Center for Jewish Film."
From left to right, Aviva Weintraub (The Jewish Museum, NYJFF Director), Sharon Rivo (Executive Director, National Center for Jewish Film, Brandeis University), and Esta Salzmann
(Yiddish theater and film actress; one of the stars of the film).

Photo: Elliott Rivo

Photo: David Paul

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Anonymous said...

i absolutely loved seeing esta salzman at the screening of love and sacrifice. though i was born 30 years after love and sacrifice was made, i think it was great to watch and then to have one of the lovely stars speak to the audience 70 years after it was made is such a gift.